Cat Friendly Practice

Cat-Friendly-PracticeWe are proud to be Gold Certified as a Cat Friendly Practice. This doesn’t mean that we just like cats and accept them as patients. It means we have taken extra special steps to ensure that a cat feels as comfortable and welcome as possible in our practice and that the pet caregiver has the necessary resources to get their cat to the appointment for those essential wellness exams. We still love dogs and other species too!!!

For Example:

  • One exam room is used exclusively for cats and is stocked with cat treats, cat pheromones, cat toys, a large viewing window with a bird feeder outside, fuzzy blankets, and cat-friendly music.
  • Our practice employs a “cat advocate”. Alison is responsible for seeing to it that all of our staff members and doctors are trained in the latest cat-friendly handling techniques.
  • Doctors and staff attend lectures and conferences that teach specific information about cats that is different from other species.
  • We are advised through a cat forum of any new information pertaining to cat health.

Take advantage of the videos and information we can provide you which will allow for a smooth visit for you and your feline.

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