Turn lost pets into found pets.

Nearly one out of every three pets will become lost at some point during their lives. Microchip implants are an incredibly simple, inexpensive and effective way to help lost pets get found and back where they belong—with their owners! Microchips cannot be removed or damaged, so they are an excellent permanent pet identification system. Nearly 8 million animals enter shelters in the United States every single year, and by encouraging pet owners to microchip their pets, Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center hopes to help lower that number and reduce overcrowding in Denver animal shelters.

Microchips are placed just under a pet’s skin during a simple, nearly pain-free procedure that is quite similar to getting a vaccine. If your pet is microchipped and someday gets lost, authorities only need to scan the chip to find your name and contact information so your pet can be returned to you quickly and safely.

Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center’s veterinarians believe microchipping is the safest, most effective method of pet recovery available, as it helps reunite more than 15,000 lost pets with their owners every month.

To learn more about the benefits of pet microchips, or to schedule an appointment, contact Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center.