Fleas in Denver

Flea & Tick Prevention

Sometimes our state’s love of the great outdoors can come back to bite us. Due to increased outdoor activity and high levels of interaction with other pets, the risk of fleas in the Denver area is high during the warmer months. These bloodsucking insects feed on mammals and lay eggs in their fur, transmitting harmful parasites like tapeworms, as well as causing dermatitis and anemia. Fleas also carry potentially fatal diseases like the Murine typhus and plague, with Colorado ranking among top three states in the country for reported plague cases, which can also be transmitted to humans, endangering friends and family.

One flea can reproduce nearly 50 times a day, making it a substantial threat to your pet’s wellbeing. Flea infestations often spread throughout your home — living in your carpet and furniture, and making them tough to eradicate.

Fortunately, regular application of flea medication is a surefire way of keeping your pet free of these nasty parasites. Flea medicine comes in a number of forms including topicals, shampoo and chewable tablets, all of which work by killing existing fleas and preventing new infections by stopping their eggs from hatching. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter flea medication is highly ineffective and should be avoided. For the majority of our patients, Bear Valley recommends Frontline Plus. In addition to flea control, Frontline protects against ticks, making it a critical component of preventative care.

We recommend that all pets begin a monthly prevention regimen as soon as possible. If you suspect that your pet may already be infested, please contact your Bear Valley veterinarian to schedule an appointment today.